Jana Charl



metal pic
In 2001, I enrolled in a welding class that was populated
with students working in the construction industry. I learned
about oxyacetylene ("gas") welding but became particularly
mesmerized by the oxy-fuel process of cutting steel. After
discovering discarded metal with studentsí beading welds in
the dumpster, I began cutting-out female forms from scrap metal.

A few years later I was invited to use the welding equipment,
including a wire-feed welder and plasma cutter, housed in a
massive garage for repairing ranch machinery. Over 100
sculptures have been inspired by and created from
the discarded metal found in the 54,000 acre ranch's metal
scrap pile. In an environment where functionality rules,
utilizing only the tools that are available to the ranch workers,
I maintain a certain "unfinished" crudeness to my work.