Jana Charl



Acrylic Paintings
Color and texture are integral parts of my paintings. Not only in the selection
of color but also in the process of manipulating the paint by mixing pigments,
layering, and varying the opacity and viscosity. For precise blending I use my
hand or a finger as a paint palette. In order to create the desired effect,
Iíll mix with a brush or other instrument directly on the canvas.

Painting is cathartic and both my materials and tools have nostalgic value.
I rarely throw away a paint brush because each one has its unique history,
and with age or abuse provides additional textural possibilities or function.
Old paint also adds texture with itís lumps and inability to entirely blend with other pigments. Worldwide I've collected sand, flowers and other items to
mix into the paint, along with canvas.

The canvas is not sacred. I cut it, weave materials into it, sew it, and glue
onto it. Paintings on unstretched canvas are nailed directly onto walls or
boards; or glued or sewn onto stretched canvas with painted borders. More recently, I find myself drawn to mixed media instead of purely acrylic on
canvas. (See mixed media portfolio).