Jana Charl



Sunrise Installation

WATERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS: July 10, 2017 to January 3, 2018 (extended 3 months)

Commissioned by Mosiesian Center for the Arts and Grow Gallery, located at Arsenal Street at the intersection of School Street.

36 x 5 ft / 11 x 1.52 m

Sunrise is acrylic painted on canvas; however, I disrupted the canvas surface by cutting it and then weaving painted strips of canvas into it.

The stylized female form has become a signature in most of my artwork over a period of many years.
It symbolizes the personalization of often abstract concepts. We can intellectualize so many aspects of our lives without feeling a human connection. As a woman, it is most familiar to relate to my own sex.
I don’t intend to exclude men; but rather to question the accepted practice of using the male sex as
the default to represent both sexes. By choosing female representations, I question perceptions.

My passion is story-telling. I have created a language of bars, which I incorporate into my paintings, to represent the words and punctuation of the narration. Viewers are challenged to use their own words to tell the story; thus, creating an individualized experience.

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