Jana Charl



Jana Charl
In 1993, while living in Zurich, Switzerland, I was invited to participate in a group show "International Event" at Ars Futura Galerie of 1000 works of polymer clay. The show was curated by artist Fabian Fabrik, who introduced me to the medium. Since that exhibition, I have created hundreds of sculptures, which have been exhibited in galleries, a museum, and are currently sold at Foxx Gallery in Zurich.

The properties of polymer clay attracted me to the medium. It is a plastic sculpting material (comprised of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizer) and the colors do not change during the firing process. It becomes pliable after kneading, and in the packaged material the pigments are already added to the translucent base. Also, there are varying degrees of opacity (kaolin or white china clay or other agents) and pearlescent and metallic effects (mica).

Although there are a limited range of color options, I continue to be fascinated by the endless possibilities of interpretation.

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