Jana Charl


Out of the Shadow
Today we swim in garbage. The world we live in is over
populated, over polluted, over everything. How we deal
with garbage needs a new approach, a new way of dealing
with this overgrowing problem. Recycling is one of the
possibilities. But how we view garbage, how we use it,
re-use it and what is our personal relationship towards it,
is a question to be asked. And this is what we are asking
ourselves in this project. How to redefine our relationship
towards garbage and how to popularize the idea of the
thought needed to move our perception.

Opening Reception:  May 12th at 8pm
Exhibition:  May 12 - September 15, 2016
Museum of Nova Gorica, Kromberk Castle, Slovenia

Fancy Navel
(4 x 6 in / 10 x 15 cm)