Jana Charl


Oregon Sunshine

Oregon Sunshine Installation


12 panels, 3 x 5 ft / .91 x 1.52 m (each), spanning 36 ft / 11 m

Oregon Sunshine is a mixed media installation inspired by wildflowers. The layers of history to create the 12 panels, spanning over 36 feet in length and 5 feet tall (11 x 1.5 m), involved repurposing prior artwork. Beginning with my 36 x 48 in (91 x 122 cm) acrylic painting Sunrise on stretched canvas. I disrupted the surface by cutting slits and weaving painted strips of canvas into it; resulting in a pattern of graphic bars which form a language Iíve created to represent words and punctuation, similar to those in design layout compositions.

Next, I digitized the artwork for output on vinyl and changed the composition to fit the 36 x 5 ft (11 x 1.5 m) outdoor site-specific space in Watertown, MA. After the 6-month exhibition, I cut out a damaged patch to create a series of 10 small mixed media works as part of the Production - Process - Collaboration installation at Tate Liverpool, England.

Moreover, the remaining weathered vinyl was divided into 12 panels (roughly 3 x 5 ft / 91 x 150 cm each). I gessoed and painted sections; sewed on crocheted string circles and plastic mesh produce bags; and wove in additional painted canvas graphic bars. Then I mounted each panel on 3 wood bars (which had had another life as the dividers of foam surfboard blanks used during the manufacturing process).

Similar to my other installations, I repurposed waste materials destined for dumpsites and landfills. By creating installations, I seek to engage viewers in innovative ways to challenge perspectives and perceptions.