Jana Charl


photo by jessica klein
bio pic
My creative practice involves exploring different media and
techniques around testing the boundaries of what defines
contemporary art, including the blurring of the traditional lines
dividing craft, commercial art, and fine art. I am a passionate
storyteller inspired by the raw materials, experiences, and
observations that I collect.

The challenge to capture the human form and psyche is
my longest enduring fascination. I stylize the curves that
distinguish and define the sexes. Unless it is relevant to
the meaning I am conveying, I choose universal features
over individualized ones. I believe that minimal forms
promote a sense of relatability, accessibility, and
engagement. Incorporating bodies in my work is an
intention for association, to personalize matters which
are analyzed abstractly.

Feminist issues, perceptions of women’s roles, identity,
and gender relationships are key themes weaving my work
together. I represent words with graphic bars in order to
focus on the visual experience; allow for individualized
interpretations; and circumvent language barriers.
By appropriating the inherent histories of found objects,
I add layers of meaning and humor to my artwork.